Wednesday, 28 September 2011


The idea i am going to use for my video is to film the band recording in the studio. It will be shots of the band playing their instruments as they record the song and as well of them relaxing and editing their songs. Then as a backstory there will be different single shots of dark, sillouhette objects which will add to the coolness, old feel of the music. For the filming of the band in the studio i will put an effect on it to make it look like it is filmed in 16mm film, it will give it a cool retro feel.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

filming ideas

Giving the fact that my song has an old feel to it, i thought i may film my video in an old style. This brought me onto 16mm film. This video, 1 minute in, shows 16mm film:

I thought this will give it a nostalgic, old feel and therefore add to the style of the music.

Studio filming

If i was to film my music video in a studio with the band recording it i thought i would have the band members all dressed smartly to give that bond feel and as well having it in black and white to add to the coolness. It also would not be just of them in the studio, it will be of the band outside the studio. As i have already thought of the idea of a main character maybe running away from something or on the run i thought of having a back story to the music video, with alongside the shots of the band recording there song a single character, or the band, walking around a town, with maybe only there silhouettes being filmed.

Waiting at airport Stock Photo - 9810300

Lonely silhouette in a subway tunnel  Stock Photo - 6876705

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

filming in a studio

This arctic monkeys music video is of the band recording there song in a studio, its not just of them playing there music but of them planning there song and tweaking it.

As i have already thought of my video maybe following a character i thought that my video may follow the recording of the song. I therefore played my song over the arctic monkeys music video and i thought it worked really well especially as my music suggests some sort of journey. I then thought of maybe filming it all in black and white, which i researched earlier, and therefore that will give it the cool feel which i will want in my video.

bond style music videos

As i feel my music has a bond feel to it i thought i will look into the opening credits in bond films. I looked at the opening credits of goldfinger.

Straight away i noticed that it was very dark with only the colours black and gold being used. It also used a lot of silhouettes. This use of silhouettes gives off the idea of secrecy, something that should not be seen. This gave me an idea of my music video following a character that has something to hide or is on the run and using silhouettes to show this secrecy.

Black & White

After watching the danger mouse trailer i thought that filming my own music video in black and white might be a good idea. Filming in black and white gives it a cool and sophisticated feel, as these pictures show:
75-2 in Beautiful Black and White Photography

24 in Beautiful Black and White Photography
Rui2 in Beautiful Black and White Photography

The cool and sophisticated look is something that may fit the feel of my song, so filming in black and white might be a good idea.

Music Video ideas

I chose track 22 for my music video and from my first impression i initially thought it sounded like a bond film song. This lead me onto a album called Rome by Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi.
Review of Rome

This album has songs on it that are very similar to my song so i decided to search them on youtube to see their music videos. I watched the trailer for the album on youtube and noticed that it was all filmed in black and white.