Thursday, 10 November 2011

Alternative artwork

Because my video is a parody of hip hop I don't want my album artwork to be like all the other hip hop covers, i want mine to be different to the rest. This brought me onto kanye wests first 3 albums. These are called the college dropout, late registration and graduation. On these album covers they have a single character that is shown on all the album covers. What makes the character different is that it is a man dressed in a bear costume as you can see below.

File:Kanyewest collegedropout.jpg       File:Late registration cd cover.jpg  File:Graduation (album).jpg

This brought me onto the idea of having a character on the front of my album cover, a sort of alter-ego. Because my video is going to be comical, the character i choose would have to represent fun and humour.

Another different album cover is by the Wu-Tang Clan. As you can see below they have there faces covered up. What this does is give the artists a more intimidating look, like ghosts who haunt people.


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