Thursday, 17 November 2011

More ideas for digipack

Because my video is a parody, it represents fun and humour. Therefore my digipack is going to have to show this fun and humour. I have therefore thought of the idea of having a sort of montage of images and pictures that show off the humour in my video. Also by having a mix of images spread around the whole of my digipack it will have a sort of crazy feel to it, which sort of represents the lead singer. Also with the images i would also want animation, to give a fun side to it and also a vast amount of different colours to add a certain brightness to the album cover.

This coldplay album shown below has the colour combination that i would like to get on my album cover. It works really well as it stands out and so would look really good on my album cover.


This dizzee rascal cover below has the animation style that i would like on my cover. The writing on it is done in a very jokey style, and that's what i want on mine.


This Dr feelgood album has the animation i would like to use to show the lead singer. The way the character is drawn is in a very funny and humorous way and that is the exact feel i want to get from my album cover.

Singles: the U.A. Years +

I could even have gorillaz styled animation on my album, like the style shown below. This would certainly give the album cover a different feel to it.


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