Thursday, 1 December 2011

final digipack idea

For my digipack i am going to combine different shots of the band with bubble writing and strong bold colours. On my front cover i am going to have a few of the band members sat on a bonnet of a car, on the left side of the cover. Then on the right side i am going to have the other members sat on a curb or a bench. Then above them, in jokey-style bubble writing i will have the band name. The background of this will be a bold, bright colour, furthermore representing the fun idea of the video. For the rest of the sides i am going to have a different shot of the band members in different poses. The poses will be mick takes of the poses that rappers have in magazines. This trainspotting poster is the sort of idea i want, with different images of the members.

On the back i will have the lead singer, with the information and track listing going over the top of him,  with him therefore in the background. The background of all the sides will be, like the front cover, one bold, bright colour. All the sides will be a different colour, making it have that bright and colourful look i was looking for. The one single colour look is like the dizzee rascal cover i was looking at before, and it also has the sort of bubble writing i would like my my title to be in.

I also thought that, because my writing is going to be in bubble writing, i could have a sort of speech bubble surrounding the title. I would also have the speech bubble coming from the lead singer, showing that he thought up and wrote the song.

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