Thursday, 20 October 2011

Change In Song

As i was struggling for ideas with my song, as it was an unusual genre and hard to find similar examples, i have decided to change my song. I decided to chose an RnB song. This is because i know the genre very well and also as i have decided to do a parody of rap videos, it is necessary to know the genre well. Also there is plenty of examples of rap videos, so i wont be struggling for ideas. The song i have chosen to use is Thank You by Jay-Z. I have chosen this because it will work well as a paradoy. This is because some of the lyrics i can do literally which will look good in a parody and also the songs chorus is the same the whole way through so i can keep to the same scene in the chorus, so it would be something that it keeps going back on. Also the song has a good beat so it could easily flow between shots.

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