Thursday, 20 October 2011

examples of RnB videos

This is a very typical RnB video. This is because they are in a very glamorous location, dress in plenty of bling, have a lot of money and are hanging around with there mates. Looking at the filming of it i noticed that the camera always moved and also they have a few slow motion shots. Also they continuously go back to one shot of the lead singer in a square singing into the camera with the camera moving around him. This style of shot can be used in my music video to clearly show the main singer. There are plenty of components in this that can be used as a parody, for example driving a cheap car, cheap tacky clothes and with no friends.

This is another very typical RnB video, with again a lot of bling, a fast car and mates. A very interesting point i noticed was how again they had a shot of the main singer in another location singing with the camera panning around him. Also the camera is normaly low down, looking up at the singer which makes him seem important. From this i have gathered that this shot of the main singer on his own is very important as it is used a lot in the videos. This means that i will have to exploit this in my parody and use it a lot.

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