Friday, 28 October 2011

A Typical Rnb Video: Features

  1. lots of bling. In rap music videos they try to show off how much money they have by wearing a lot of jewellery. They are also shown driving very flash cars.
  2. Women. The video normally evolves around the main singer wanting a girl or trying to look out for a girl. Also the lyrics are normally about a relationship.
  3. Friends. In the video they usually are shown meeting up with their friends. They are also shown with their friends in a party atmosphere.
  4. Party. A lot of rnb videos take place at a party or in a club.
  5. Dancing. There is normally a lot of dancing, especially with the main singer.
  6. Camera shots. In most videos the camera shots of the main singer are low angle shots. This is used to make the singer look important. The camera also never stops moving and sometimes rotates around the singer as he is singing into the camera. Also sometimes the main singer will stand sideways onto the camera. Changes in shots match the beat of the music.
  7. Location. They are normally filmed in a glamorous location. But sometimes they are filmed in a not so glamorous location to show where the rapper grew up and what life was like for him. The main singer is also shown in a variety of locations.

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